Entertainment, Food & Beverage and Business Attorney


Subscriptions, flat-fee & hourly services

General cousel services

Some businesses require a list of ongoing tasks. For these businesses, we offer a subscription based model for unlimited services for a monthly fee. Every business is unique and this subscription will be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

business basics

From business formations and contract drafting to negotiations and advising, these flat-fee services can be suited to fit any business need. These services are discussed and agreed to based on the specific business situation and tasks needed.  

strategy sessions

These strategy sessions are integral to new business ventures. This sessions allows us to evaluate your risks and develop a plan that protects your business from common and potential pitfalls. 

a la carte services

This is the traditional law firm model of charging hourly fees for specific matters. While many services can fit into a subscription or flat-fee based payment schedule, your business needs can fluctuate. Disputes & Litigation matters fall under these types of services. 

Pro bono

Pro Bono representation is offered to select businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs on a case by case and as-needed basis through the Lewis and Clark Small Business Legal Clinic Pro Bono Project and the Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts organizations.


Personal injury cases are accepted on contingency basis. If we don't recover for you, you don't pay a dime.